Tuesday, August 19, 2008


As i was sitting and wondering that what made me put my blog name unpredictable life only at one thought,then i realised that life is unpredictable, at least mine is very much. I have gone through various unpredictable incidences,from betrayal of a dear friend to b suddenly left alone,results,marks,everything,sometimes i feel that i have flavored most of the ingredient, every thing, Suddenly and i don't know whats more is store inn for me,i know there are still bagful of things that i have not faced yet[in the category of unpredictable] and I really pray that i don't face them,but who knows what tomorrow brings to you. Anything can happen anytime!
Sometimes its fun being unpredictable but sometimes not,its scary, in fact it develops fears. And I think now am developing that i really don't want to but unfortunately i am.

Hmmmm,to yeh the mere kahani,unpredictable ki:-)

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