Saturday, August 30, 2008

It feels good to be alone sometimes!:-)

Hehe..Everybody says..that we are lonely we want some companion..people dislike to be lonely ..but I don’t know.. am somewhere enjoying this loneliness.. I never thought this in my wildest of dreams that I ever gona enjoy this lonely phase of my life,,but I m. Being lonely gives u soo many have ample of time to waste in thinking various issues..,you can sleep more ten your regular schedule,you have time for yourself.u can indulge yourself in something creative something which v left in r childhood,v can renew our childhood hobbies memories,, And these days m doing d same..m thinking m sleeping n m eating..n writing also..[vaise this writng part is all because one of my close friend] Here am not toking about external loneliness,,here m toking about tat internal satisfaction of having protective,trustworthy,caring people round us..tat is lost somewhere..thou I have some.. as in.. my family,which will always be with me,..i don know about the rest.[close friends] I always had a handful f ‘friends’ thou my contacts[ hie-hello friends] were always been a lot]I never felt this way,but now tings r changed,people r changed, surroundings r changed sum times I feel my entire world is changed so now m changed,.. I have accepted tat life wants me to b alone fr sometime n wants me to spend time with myself ,understanding sum very essentials facts of my life which I overlooked. Life took a such a big U turn tat,my greatest of friends sometimes I feel they r changed,,may b situations, circumstances..i understand sum of them because they r clearly stated in front of me n I don have any complains with tat..but sum are still understated n I m unable to find a valid reason fr I have accepted tat also tat time does'nt want me to know certain tings at this point..I usto have many fears earlier regarding various tings,everybody has it..but now I feel m over with those fear feelings to sum extent.I have realised it tat living in fears will never solve purposes it will just erode your present n may be future.. But d interesting ting is this tat wen m lonely from within,people r more attracted towards me, in terms of being friends with me,in past few days I made few nice fiends[I am hoping tat r really nice..] n they don’t leave me alone..i mean wen I think all this..i cant find out d reason tat wt exactly life wants from me..!! But whatever ,,m going through various learning process ,going through various experiences,n m liking it! I have learned how to cope with life wen people leave you at d middle of d deep ocean. Though I miss everything which I left back.. d saying is ‘nothing is forever’,,may b its true..such is life dearies.
As I n optimism both r inseparable so I hope tat i'll b out of all this soon…!!![ goodness me, I hope terribly,such an big optimistic I am]


descrying the shadows said...

Sometimes loneliness can show you how alone you really are in this world...

Prashant Sree said...

Hi Gauri,

Wow, what do we have here.,.Another wave of optimism.. Impressive enough ! :)

Ok, Being lonely has various facets.,. The kind of loneliness which you have experienced is something of internal connection with the world. Iam not sure how much you will be able to connect with what Iam saying, yet give it a shot. :) Spending some time alone allows our mind to relax,take stock of the situation, and revitalizes it.,. Thats why the feeling of fulfillment within ourself.

Its great that you have started experiencing it and have realized its value. In the fast paced world, people are moving so fast without no idea of what they and what they are supposed to do. [A real pity ;(] Yet, one when takes time to spend time alone, you will be able to realize whats happening and whether you are doing what you are supposed to do or you are moving just along with the crowd...

Good to see such thought-provocative ideas :)

Keep Empowering !!



Gauri Mathur said...

heylo Prshant!

I understood each and every word of urs:-)

Somebody said this or may be i have read somewhere that if a person starts enjoing d lonely phase of his/her life or knows how to spend some time with oneself only, then that person can never get bore oh his/her life:)

Gauri Mathur said...

heylo Sidharth!
You r rite people are really lonely because they may be they still could'nt find hw to enjoy there own company..

Kartz said...

Actually, I enjoy it when I'm alone. Those are the moments I get to be with 'myself'...

There are so many things one can do when alone (ie. if he/she does not feel that he/she is a 'loner'!).

But then, it depends on the person too... Nice post...

Gauri Mathur said...

hey Kartz!
i too enjoy being lonely somtime!!!:D
same pinch for that:-)
Thank you!