Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Motherhood what a priceless part of women's Life. I certainly realized it today when I noticed 1 year old child with her mother playing around. The kid was covered with all wollens.First sitting and playing in her pram and later with  her mother when she finished doing her household work. Then after she got free, she took her out from pram and kid started walking in zig zag way. She was sweet.

Then I was wondering..

It such a wonderful experience seeing your kid growing everyday. Playing with your kid. Just Running after your kid. Though it can be exhausting but Its a sigh of relief for sure because mother's know somewhere this is how our kid is growing faster.

I was watching that lady she was with her all the time, holding her when ever she falls, keep her away from dogs. And you know what! Dogs are also sensitive enough to feel that this is small kid and can get scared so I should move out from this place and exactly happened. 

Mother has so much to do. Raise kids, do household work and if she's working then look it into her professional matters too.. I think of my childhood days how would they be.. I was naughty girl. Just running here and there touching every bit of showpieces at my home. I never us to eat food till the music is played. I mean , I now think How much worries I have given to my muma..

But I am sure My muma must have been extreamly satisfied seeing me growing everyday and knitting dreams for me every second.. and Love me like Angel for her..
I Love you Ma!! :)


Creativity!! said...

Woww :) :) So Touching Dear. I Never Used To Eat, Without Feeding A Cow/Calf. Mom Had To Compulsorily Take Me To Cow Shed With Vegetables. I Used To Feed Cow. Then, My Mom Used To Feed Me, When Cow Was Busy Chewing :) :)

I Too Have Troubled My Mom A Lot :) :) But, Mom Does Love Her Kid In Each & Every Step. We Feel That, Those Days, We Troubled Our Parents. But For Parents, Its Not A Trouble. Rather Its A Pleasure :) :)

Wonderful Beautiful Awesome Write Up Dear :) :) Extremely Loved It A Lot :) :)Hugs :) :)

Sanghi said...

nobody knows a child better than a mother, for that she gives birth to child... being naughty and troubling your mother is the right of every child...^_^
i<3 mommy... :)):)

Jaky Astik said...

I can't say much about motherhood though..huh..but I have seen a sister of mine with her 6 days old baby.

She was in her lap. Sleeping. Afraid even to let anyone touch her baby. She had miscarriage last year.

I guess she understands motherhood better than me :)

Dr Supriya said...

Touching post..was out from blogger since long.. Its refreshing to read ur posts though.. Shifted from drriya to Do visit my blog.. Lookin forth towards ur new posts..keep writing.

Lincoln said...

well said....:)