Sunday, December 27, 2009

Life is...

" Life is too short to think upon the Right time and Right moment"
I am not saying this just the sake of the dialogue but truly it is like this. From past so many days whats going around me and from my observance, I have noticed that Waiting for the right time and right moment for expressing our feelings, our love and care to our loved ones is of no use. Because we don't know what's store in for us tomorrow. Life is too short and as I say its very unpredictable on the same time.
We wait and make plans of conveying some deep feelings of ours to our loved ones by taking not person for granted but time for granted too and later if its very unfortunate we are not unable to convey our deep loving feelings to our loved ones and leaving us in regrets.

We tend to ignore our parents just because we are so busy with our own stuff and that too have no significance when it comes to parents. We just totally take them for granted. They are with us all the time so we can express our emotions our love, care to them any time we want. We wait for that particular moment. But why to wait for any moment when we can express it just there only. Why?? If somebody say we are humans. Right ! We are humans we tend to take things for granted but ! How much!? We should respect their love they give us. And the same way we should love them. Sit with them, talk with them share their experiences. How was their day? What did they do? Whats cooking and how?? All this. Hug them, love them!! Make them feel that we love them a lot and they are important to us!! They are in our world and that's why our world is complete. They are everything to us. These things are to be conveyed in different ways. Some people say that we just so inexpressive and we cant say through words. But does it justify your statement. At least A kiss and a hug can do. If not words. We have grown up so much that we take our decisions not even asking them because we feel that we are bonds kind and are capable of taking our decisions without consulting them but its absolutely wrong assumption we live in . Their experience is more than ours and they will always advise us with better ideas.

We teenagers whenever we feel we have a crush on somebody and then later think this is not the time and moment to share from that man/woman and there we make a mistake because when crush like thing is not planned, its just spontaneous then how can we think of deciding the right time and right moment. It should be like go and convey your feelings. If not this way but surely the other good ways.
We are in happy mood we are enjoying life and having fun because of him/her. We feel top of the world. So don't you think so he/her should be at least conveyed this that you are special and you make me smile!

Yes Fears is something where we all stuck up, fear of losing and we all have this somewhere. But as its said. Dar ke aagey jeet hai :) and Believe me its exactly like this. :)

Same goes with apologies, there is no specific time of saying 5 letter word sorry to anybody . We often don't say it because we give more importance to our ego then to our true emotions. But the fact is Ego helps in nothing but our feelings, true genuine feelings helps in maintaining love in relationship always. Whenever we hurt anybody, Sorry(If said with true heart) is the word so person can feel important and can light up her/him heart from the hurt given by us.

I have realized this that there is no time and any specific moment to exprss our feelings. Whether its parents or friends.  Every moment is perfect and a kodak moment.  There are only few people who complets our world and they are speical because they make our life special. Therefore it is our moral duty to make them feel, loved and jewels of our treasure box. Just be with us always- is the line which is to be conveyed to them wholeheardtly. :)



Sanghi said...

time is for eternity, but taking things for granted is not good, although feelings are something that can be conveyed anytime, even through prayers.
PS: Don't make me cry again...:)):)

Anya said...

Wonderful words written :-)
Really touching words ....


Creativity!! said...

:) :)

Moonlight said...

Oh damn, I like it.! :)

I guess you are right. I always thought that there is always a right time to address your feelings or whatsoever but then as you said "we are not aware of tomorrow"
And life is too short.

True that.

Sigh* i wish we atleast had some hints for tomorrow.

But, Nicely written. :)

Naveen said...

WHOA!! Guess what?? The day b4 u wrote this I had expressed it all for my Pa n Ma on my blog at
WOW!!! I am really excited about ths whole coincidence thng ;-)
Cheers to Life!!!


Hi Gauri,

Thanks for your visit and very humble appreciation... your site was simple awesome... i find it very factual and influential.... well done!!!:)

Keep visiting!!!:)


Chocolate Lover said...

beautiful words
and yeah thanks for dropping by!

sawan said...

I like this. I luved the template too :)

Madhu said...

thanks for droppin by my blog..:) well rightly said.I guess everybody takes time or say the right time to express their feelings...But is that necessary? ANh .There is no right time to tell small beautiful things..Go ahead and express your heart out!

Anya said...

Have a very happy New Year
and a wonderful and happy 2010 :-)


blunt edges said...

u have a line in the post that says: "We teenagers..." n ur profile says your age is 21...hehehe...some contradiction ;)

apart from honest post :)

Rushabhh Gandhi said...

Superb going!!!

ON the Right track!!! :)

Chocolate Lover said...

really very sorry.. I forget to tell you that you have been awarded :)

Sundeep said...

Life is beautiful. It depends on how we perceive it. Think about it.

Karan said...

Just like there is no "specific"time to read a blog or write one similar to this there is no such thing as right timings.Say it when you have to.Do it when it's needed.'coz beete lamehin kambhi vapis nahein aate...