Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I-In this world
N- Nobody cares for no one
S- Sympathy is shown less
E- Envy is felt more
N-Noises of animosity is hitting to the core
S- Selfish people are increasing to the hell
I- Idea of Love has crashed
T- Tolerance is dead
I-Inside realization is lost
V- Values are faded
E- Evil is spread.

(My first shot to acrostic)


Sanghi said...

When iGo rhyming,
ppl say iAm miming,
and then iGo lame,
nEEd someone to tame... XD XD XD
Weird, isn't it...

NICE.. "In-Sense" acrostic you wrote... ^_^

Sorcerer said...

that was cool
hmm..I should try too
but I canr rhyme more than 2 lines

Rhymers block!!!


Creativity!! said...

Fabulous Write Up Dear :) :) Very Well Said :) :)

Gauri Mathur said...

@ Sanghi
Thnaks!! :)

You are right!! Not everybody can ryhme!!
Its not not easy!!
thanks for visitng!!

@ Creativity!!
Thankss!!! :-):-)

sawan said...

no better words to describe 'insensitive' :)hwz u swts?

Moonlight said...

Great work! Must say.

It must took you an ample of time to pen this down eh?

Chatterbox said...

Great poem Gauri :)

It's my first visit to your blog and am enjoying myself here.

Keep up the good work. Hope to stay in touch.


Parul said...

Very true gauri liked it to the core...........!!!! :) :)

Margaret said...

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog, hope to see you back. :)

Very good acrostic to say it's your first shot at this kinda poety.
But I don't like to see the world through such negative thoughts. There are a LOT of great people out there too. :)

Gauri Mathur said...

@ Sawan..
Bhaie where r u these days??
I wana speak to you? when??

@ Moonlight!!
Thanks sweety!!!

Ofcourse Il be in touch. Hope you too will be. thanks :)

@ Praul
thankss :)

@ Margaret
Where theres is positive people there is negative people too.

Trust me, I am a positive person. And I myself belive in positive people too :) :)

Gauri Mathur said...

@ Margaret
Thanks again for visiting. Hope to be in touch wid you. Reading ur blog was of immense pleasure.
Take care and thanks :)

A S said...

hehe! good!

Sumit Sarkar said...

All the lines are so wonderfully written...

I love acrostic poems..
I have written one myself...