Monday, December 14, 2009

Fun Day= Mon day!! :)

My Day started at 7'0 clock. Woke up with severe blocked nose of Cold. I still couldn't understand how it happened so suddenly. The feeling of blocked nose is so irksome that I cant even express it. Then at last I have to call moma, she came running and asks with a voice full of tension, What Happend Baby? And I replied moma my nose got blocked, I am not able to breath and not able to sleep. After that she brought some vicks and spread it on my nose. What I notice after sometime that The vicks is of no use. I am still suffering from the same irksome feeling which was earlier.

I tried sleeping somehow and I slept. Though I couldn sleep properly, but anyway it was better then not sleeping and suffering from that exasperation.


I have to meet some of my friends in Connaught Place today. Who had never been to CP and I have to take them to Hot spots of CP. We actually today had lot of fun.
In fact there are lot of memories attached to place CP which got revived today.

We went to Bangla Sahib also. 

May be the best memories are associated wid Bangla Sahib only, those fishes in the pond, touching them, the prasad(Halwa and the Langar both) everything. I had the best memories of it and the icing on the cake was going back home from metro, That was also memorable.

In short it was a memorable day with a pleasant memories flashback.

Aur Last baat!!!
CP Jao aur earrings na lekar aoo..aisa ho he nahi sakhtaa..!!! Yes the above photo is my new smiley earrings which I bought from CP today.


Neha said...

i was in the same situation last nite with nose partially blocked! and the feeling is scarily terrible...anyway hope we both recover soon!
CP sounds like a cool place!


Chatterbox said...

The earrings are very cute.

Hope you feel better soon. Stuffy nose can be a real bother at times.

Take care :)

Creativity!! said...

ee apna khayal rakh :) :) earnings bahut sweet hai..... :) :)

freelancer said...

u know what?? i am having this breathing problem for 4 months now...recently did an xray..still waiting fr results though :(

Sanghi said...

Having cold coffee while having a cold yourself... doest it prevents the nose leakages 0r what??? ^_^

Moonlight said...

Awwh.. Do take care of yourself.
Hoping for your speedy recovery. =)
I hate stuffy is really annoying at times.

Take Care. =)

Sorcerer said...

blocked nose.!!
its gods way of saving oxygen..