Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Birthday! :-)

Yippy!! Mere blog ka first Birthday!!!! :-) Ok Ok..There are lot of things I am gona scribble today:D
I am very happy I gave a New Look to My blog. Totally different. From past some days I was into all this template search which was tiring and then at last we choosed this one.
It is surely a great relief.
The other pleasant news is that Now I am gona be back to The blogger's World. I missed all bloggers and On this ocassion of my Blog's Birthday I wana say thanks to all my Blog followers and all my blogger Friends :-) :-)

And Now Comes...My Blog's Birthday Cake : ) : ) : )

Yippyyy.y...Yummyyy Cakee..... ;););)
Every Blogger friend of Mine has a share in it so nobody has to worry about it..:D:D:D

PS:I really wana say a big Thanks to Shankar for his Great Help. He was a great help to me in template searching and all advices.
Then I wana say Thanks to Pankhuri, Tushar, Devika, Abhishek. All these people really helped me with their opinions. Though They were some friends who did'nt even help me with their opnions also :( :(. But it's Ohki, it's a Happy Day and I am Happy :-)

And Anil Bhaiyaaa, I missed you where are you.....??

Thank you All!!
It's feels so Good to be back!


Shankar said...

hey gauri....

welcome back..and thanks a lot for mentioning about me....

This new look is cool.....

Anonymous said...

Wow...Template is cool ..:)

Happy B'day to your Blog..yummy Yummy cake..:)

See,you got a new follower..

how can i explore ME... said...

welcome back!!!

m pretty sure everybody in here missed u....

take kare

~PakKaramu~ said...

Pak Karamu reading and visiting your blog

Girl Next Door said...

Hey ! Congrats for your Blog's first B'Day ... Keep Penning :)


GigsInTown said...

party !!!!!!!!

Creativity!! said...

Hi Dear, After So long U R Back :D I Am Extremely Happy To See You Back :D Missed U A Lot Dear :( But, Now U R Back :D

So Hearty Welcome Dear :D

Many More Birthdays To Your Blog :D Cake..........Toooooo Yummy :D Mouth Watering :)

Thanks A Ton For Sharing :D

All The Very Best Success :D

Hugs :D


Creativity!! said...

Haa.....Blogg Template Is Awesome Dear :D

sawan said...

its a beautiful template swts :)

congratz to this space on its first birthday :) yeyy celebration time!!!! we wud talk soon. tmrw if posbl. okies??

Anonymous said...

happy birthday Gauri's blog :)

cake and party!!!

A to Z to A said...

happy birthday blog...give some brain to your blogger ha ha ha... lol...i like your blogs new look..

उन्मुक्त said...

चिट्ठे का जन्मदिन मुबारक। चलिये इसी बहाने लिखना तो शुरू हुआ।