Monday, September 8, 2008


Yesterday I was talking to one of my very dear friend and we were reviving some old memories by reading some stuff and all,and i became very nostalgic which was very obvious for me,it was a very emotional moment for me. I had loads of fun with that person,:-):-)the ratio was really very high,I can't even express it:)

And now when i think of all those moments,i don't know why,but i feel that certain things are changed...that mastii is lost somewhere,,,
i was wondering that it was just because we are growing??
Or relationships changes when we grow,that charm of being very dear friends,sharing various things,vanishes ??
Why it's not with female friends,Why its with male friends more..?? Why??

All these questions were coming into my mind,Why we human beings think soo much that we become so prejudice that before the occurrence of the event we plan everything in advance,why we make suddenly boundaries??
I know we have to make them somewhere just to be protected from the cruelty of the world,but why with those who are your closest friends,Whom you also know that u trust them allot,they are your everything,they are different,they'll with you whenever you want them..???
Why to think so much.why to bother for Distance,one phone call can do wonders sometime,,,
Why we don't flow with natural flow of life.why don't we leave certain things to God,hes the creator not we,he has planned things,He know what we want,if something uncomfortable Happened/happenes than that is for some reason,if some one becomes some one's close friend that is also for a reason,aise hee Bonding yaa connectivity thodii htee hai,,ther's always a reason behind every occurrence in our lifes,we Human beings just can't interpret it on time,and then because of this handicap we think very badly of various future outcomes and spoil everything.

Being a child was always a happy part of life because at that time we were carefree n was very aloof form this thinking world,we us to do whatever we feel like doing,if the person is our closest friend then the person second thought,what is the future and all..we us to flow with the life,easy life.

But when we grow up so many dilemmas occur suddenly,we become so vulnerable that at one point we tend to think that what will happen if one of my dear friend betrays and all,trust decreases,fears increases..but if we will give its a thought then this entire process is Ours, Human Built,we have made things complex,they were never like that,we make our life miserable.
Creator has made things simpler and We humans have made it difficult,that's what is today's world.:)

Such a weird people we are,we love difficulties and than at the end we only cry for various losses!!:D

Anyways,mei to buss yeh bolnaa chaite thee kii Koi mjhee TimE MachinEe ladooooooo,mjheee vooo aachee pooranee time mei jana haiiii,,,,heheheeh:D:D:):)


descrying the shadows said...

why is that people give god credit for all of mans good and blame man for all his bad ...???
I mean u say we think and complicate stuff while we shud just let life flow as he has planned everything .. if u say tht don u think he planned for u to loose some by thinking a lot ..???

Gauri Mathur said...

hey dost:-)
itna na soch..:D
If he has planned tat wel loose something ten vl loose it,ab vo kaise loose karte hai vo ham par depend karta haii..sooch kar ya bina soochkar..n he doesn't push us into this thinkin part,we ourselves get it into it,he'l never create probs in our lifes,he wants things to be smooth,we creats twists:D