Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"Bonding with God"

From my childhood I was Religious,but I never knew that basic steps of being religious.That Time for me being religious was to go to mandir, stand and fold our hands pray and that finishes the process of being religious.

Then i grew up,i started getting know the real meaning of term being religious i.e was a "Bond With God" a faith,a trust on him.Though I am still not that perfect in all this but somewhere i knew that i had connection with God.I can feel hi presence around me.Today also am not that great devotee of his but than also i had a feeling that after all this God loves me,protects me.

Bonding with God is a very integral part of somebodies life.Its a very deep part of ones life.It can never be expressed in words.As it was once said by my dear friend that feelings for God can never be expressed 100%,its beyond ones thought process.

Today am 20 and nowI have started realizing what is the actual meaning of tuning with God.Though it will take another many years to discover more deeply,to reach on higher levels of God. I feel at this point my bonding with God is just like a 'new born baby'.Its still need to blossom and nurtured more.

I have always believed that living life to its basic rules are decided by God.But we humans till the time we experience them we don't find them worthy,that's what human tendency is.

God teaches us that excessive attachment is injurious to health,but till the time we don't experience it we don't find the teaching worth it.
Similarly God teaches us not to expect much from others,not from anybody,but we are humans,we can't help it,how can we understand things by just meare teachings or just by reading holy book.God is very kind to us,before any mishappening he gave us various signals but we live are lives soo blindly or i should say that we are soo engrossed in external world that we forget about our inner world n then we become soo dumb, deaf n blind that we don't understand his signals,which can save us from big disappointments.
But once you catch that frequency with God you start connecting with his signals,with his teachings,your trust rates tend to rise u start having more faith in his decisions.

If today somebody asks me' Who is God??How would you define him?'Then I'll just say that"God is another human being but the difference is that hes invisible and we humans are visible.Hes supreme power,we are his children and whenever we are in pain,we go to him,talk to him,pray to him,he helps us with his best idea's and his best approach,for what we are deservent and makes us feel composed,better"

Pure mind,innocent mind human beings are also God'd favorite and he is sometimes bias to them,though nobody in today's world is 100% pure but purity here means Good intentions,being forgiving,loving,Caring,n having a true innocent genuine heart.

God is kind to everybody he loves everybody and full fill wishes of everybody but for all this what we give to God??Nothing.How selfish n occupied we are with our worlds that we tend to forget that supreme power behind all are happiness.

This is the high time that we should be less selfish n less involved with the external world n take some time out for God and Thank him for all his blessings,his love,everything.


descrying the shadows said...

For a girl who tells me i think a lot to write about GOD !!!!
he he
on a serious note ... nice thoughts again as i always say very innocent ..

Prashant Sree said...

Well iam wondering what is the secret of your such profound thinking ;). Another good thought here. about the beingness of God and how he fits in today category.
There are so many facets of God which is unfathomable. Its a part of our journey. The learnings will always continue !! and we will keep on discovering the God unless we realize the ultimate truth. :)

Keep Awakening !!


Kartz said...

"Pure mind,innocent mind human beings are also God'd favorite and he is sometimes bias to them"

"God is kind to everybody he loves everybody and full fill wishes of everybody"

Contradicting statements you make there, friend. I'd say He is unbiased. Yes, there are occasions- when out of frustration we cry out why He is being 'uncaring'... That's human nature.

"what we give to God??Nothing."- What should we give him...? He doesn't 'need' anything from us. God is the 'giver'. He doesn't need anything. And if He does take something, there may or may not be a reason. If a loved one passes away, what do we say? "Why did You have to take him/her of all people?" Thought line...

I agree with what you said in the last paragraph... But as humans, we are born to sin. Amen.

Good post.

Gauri Mathur said...

Heylo Kartz!!

"God is kind to everybody he loves everybody and full fill wishes of everybody"

No its not contradicting my friend:)
tink again..
God is kind n fullfill everybody wishes..BUT according to there indiviual deservant qualities...God is always more bonded with tose wo are more true to themselves n to divine rules:)

and as i said being connected to God is a very integral part of someone's life,,its difficult to explain in words so i wud not comment on any of ur other statements..its d way u feell...I don't tink i have any right on commenting on that:)
discussing tese types of topics always comes out with various opinions n various thought bec nobody feels the same for divine:)

n haan aagey se genuinely comment karna..agar post pasand aaye tabhii..samjhee..!!!:)
Ur genuine comments matter alot to me:):)
thanx for visitng:):)


Kartz said...

Hmmm... I dunno if you are getting the feeling my comments are *not* genuine. But quite frankly, if tht were to be the case I wdnt be commenting! I won't waste my time commenting on something for the sake of it. And it pleases me if my comments do matter to you.

Next... I did not say that one sentence was contradicting. I marked out two sentences which were pretty contradicting. I just felt so... On reading them.

I mean no offence to you or to anyone who feels a strong bonding with the Supreme. It's just that these topics can go haywire if not handled properly! So, there's a disclaimer...

Being connected with God... Hmmm... Do you mean any individual? Or, do you specifically mean the gifted people like the Saibaba's, etc.

And yeah, you are welcome to comment on what I have said. Feel free to do so. We are not waging an Indo-Pak war here. ;) So, I would welcome you to comment and if need be, correct anything that I have put down.

You are correct when you say not everyone feels the same for the Divine. Do check out my latest post (posted today)... It might throw some light on what I have tried to say.

And when I say, good post- I mean it. So, chillax. Peace, and have a nice day. :)

Gauri Mathur said...

heylozz once again:D:D
I don't know Kartz that the topic is handled carelessly or not...its entirely my feelings:)..
as u r saying it so il definately chk it out and def. improve on it.
But it ws entirely d way I felt..entirely my feelings:):)

Tere are certain tings wich are cleared ten only if ters a face to face intereaction..but unfortunately v can't do tat n again m not able to make my point..:(:(
but never mind..:)
N ya m relived now, that your comments are always genuine:-):-).It feels good:)

Take care..

Prashant Sree said...

Hi Kartz,

Happy to see the diffusion of a third war.,. ;) Yet i felt i should voice my opinion about a statment which i feel may not be true entirely.,.

"But as humans, we are born to sin"

This concept tends to incriminate human saying that he is a born sinner.,. It neednt be so.,. Our life's journey is a process of self actualization and we learn from our mistakes.,.

If we tend to think that we are sinners,we lose the basic criteria to love ourself, which is a necessity to bond with God.

P.S:(To All) Have updated my blog,. Would like to hear your comments.,. :)



Kartz said...

Greetings Prashant Sree!

I did not man to incriminate humanity, dude. Man is born to commit some form of sin or the other. No one is a purely bred soul. That is life. We lead it to our satisfaction.

I never said he is a born sinner. I said he is born to sin. There is a subtle difference.

If we think of ourselves as sinners, I don't see why we have to 'not' love ourselves. As sinners, one repents. When he repents, they say, he becomes closer to God.

Thanks for expressing yourself, though. Peace, and have a nice day.