Thursday, December 22, 2016


With each passing day demonetization turns out to be havoc in our lives. The poor implementation of the policy and no proper aid provided to people has indeed juggled our lives. Everyday new rules are created and then later revoked; our country has become butt of jokes all over. The hard hit community is the low income group like laborers, farmers, etc who don’t know how to cope up with demonetization and its severe effects. They don’t understand digitalization neither has bank accounts.  We all are confused, frazzled and left with no choice but to follow the new policy of new currency in circulation.

If I still recall two months back, all are lives and economy both were smooth. Then suddenly government takes a decision to ban Rs 500, 1000 highest currency notes in circulation and bring new notes to stop inflow of black money. We all got a sight of our way early New Year gift.  For first few weeks whole country was in shock and our economy was back to square one, a standstill situation. But now as time is passing, we all are getting familiar with demonetization and on a certain level most of us have welcomed this decision. Though some of us still feel that this decision is unfair and has affected our economy drastically, which is true but as we all know life isn’t fair, right? 

To eradicate a very serious issue like black money/corruption some bold decisions were mandatory and that’s what our government did. There are flaws, loop holes which cannot be denied but in a country like ours, which is the second largest populated country, a near to perfect plan can also miss the mark.


Now it’s nearly 2 months and whole country is trying to settle down with this way early new year gift, it would not be justified to give a verdict in nearly two months that demonetization will prove to be a boon or bane for the economy. Currently our economy is on standstill and we look forward for a spinning 2017. 

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