Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Happy Diwali!

As usual after a very long time I am writing my blog. Blogging is one thing which is constant in my life, though I am unable to write regularly and then I start missing my blog.

And that's the reason why my most of the posts starts from 'after a very long time..'

Festive season is here and we all are almost done with our shopping. Diwali has always been my favorite festival not because of the lights but also because of the enthusiasm it brings in one self.

I do have some really dreadful memories of crackers hitting me on Diwali but I still love this festival.

There is this togetherness this festival brings in. People meet and exchange gifts. Community Diwali mela's are organized. Games are played. People cheer and hoot and have so much fun together.

People decorate their houses with Rangoli, diya's, flowers and what not. There is so much zeal among people on this festival. This festival brings so much of happiness among people and that's what I enjoy the most.

And how can we forget the most important part of the celebration, the Pooja! Family pray together to almighty for their well-being and happiness through out the year!

Here I wish a very safe and a prosperous Diwali to all! :)

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