Friday, November 28, 2014


Let’s start with simple question. What is hope?

For me hope is staying positive. For someone else it may be source of happiness.

All of us perceive and interpret hope in different and convenient way. But one thing is sure which all of us agree with hope is zest of the life.

If there is hope there is life. The ultimate goal of human soul is to achieve salvation and in the hope of achieving state of Moksh we all are here doing our bit of Karmas.

We humans go through various ups and downs in life. But what keeps us alive is hope. Hope keeps us focused on our desires and hence regulates our happiness.

Because we so deeply feel this hope within us that if something doesn't go as per our hopefulness. We are badly hurt within and then we lose a part of ourselves.  Yes, then we need lot of positive words from our friends and family and it does take time to be back to ourselves.

So, as it says;

Stay hopeful, Stay happy!

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