Friday, November 14, 2014


Some days back someone told me; Go back to blogging, what are you doing?  And I am here thinking what to write. I am such a slow and a confused writer.

Anyway, I am still thinking ..uhmm...what to write....Uhmmm.. Ok, let's see what I have in my mind..

#1: I was watching Wall-E today and it's such a beautiful movie. During the movie I realized expressing love is not so difficult as we think. It's not necessary to have a heart to love. A healthy intention will do that too.

#2: Recently I went for an interview where they asked me a question what is my dream retirement. This question made me think that philosophically and practically we never get a retirement. We are working either making money or taking care of our family or both. We never retire until and unless we leave this body.

#3: When you lose hope. You lose part of yourself.

#4: Some years back X told me; he wants peace of mind and that's why he can betray his love and marry a girl of his parents choice. It kept me wondering is this will really fetch him a peace of mind. Is it so simple?
Because it rather displays shit of mind!

#5: I have not been clicking lately :-(

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