Saturday, November 15, 2014

Fiction - A terrible dream

I was so sure it will work. I knew within me. I believed in our relationship. I trusted all forces whether spiritual or non spiritual. I didn't leave any hope till the end. Because somewhere I knew deep down it is not suppose to happen.

It was like Tsunami in my life. I didn't lose hope. I tried my best because I knew something deep within that it wasn't planned. I had natural fears but I considered my trust/believe bigger than my fears and I didn't lose hope.

But what I find despite of all my efforts he cold-heartedly thrashed every bit. He didn't bother to even take a stand. It made me feel as if I am falling from a cliff, he holds me and later leaves me to fall and die.

This feeling deep within killed me. I was in vulnerable situation. After repeated mails, messages, no clarification, no explanation, no justification was provided to me. I was disrespected and insulted.

To my great surprise I never received any apology nor any accountability of what he has done.

And the most amazing part was that he laid the foundation of relationship.

I have to bring my life on track. I was losing health, I was losing whatever peace. I tried hard to bring back my life on track. Really hard. I started socializing. I started working hard.

And then.. Aha! Wake up bell! Good morning..A new day!

Oh man! I can be a dramatic writer! Haha!

#Fictitious #Imaginary #Terrible dream

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