Friday, April 1, 2011

Cricket is on!

In India Cricket is taken as religion. We all know this. And Sachin Tendulkar is like God of Indian cricket team or Cricket we can say.
After so much of flowing excitement in the air and especially we won semi-finals with the most ever wanted country we always wanted to play and win and in fact statistics says we have never lost it too,i.e Pakistan !!!!!! Where the game was filled with thrilled,excitement,enjoyment and just unbelievable things. For ex-Sachin being lucky six times. The game was amazing!!

We all are so desperately waiting for the finals with Sri Lankan's and The World Cup Home!!!!!! The match is tomorrow and we all have planned our time. People will take school, colleges, offices, off. The roads shall be silent, everything gonna be so numb. There will be prayers offered . Something memorable will happen for sure.

There is something which is very interesting about Cricket fans i.e they are very innocently funny. They believe in tashans.
From Tashans they mean; Changing sititng positions, eating food,smoking,and dancing, in fact, going to Lo's at various intervals is one of the tashans.. Can anybody imagine!!! Such are Cricket lovers.!!!

But the fact is these things really work!!!!

Bus ab kuch he gante aur pir World cup hamara!!!!

Jeetega bahie jeetga ..India jeetega!!!!!!!!!!!
Good Luck Indian Team :):):)


Anonymous said...

dil thaam k baithe hai........match k baad comment karti hu

Anonymous said...

hurray we won the match..