Thursday, April 7, 2011

Want it or don't want it?

Half of the people who jump to relationships don’t know they ever wanted one or not. They either want to experiment or are because of peer pressure. Most of these relationships are of casual nature but these casual relationships if not started with causal intentions bursts at the end leaving some bad marks.
That's why ; 
 Relationships are like sweet dagger. You always dream of having one but when you are hit by it you feel like having none.

It is also said Relationship always comes with an expiry date. And that’s true.  Everything in this world comes with expiry date. For say World is ending in 2012(though hypothesis as of now). Then why not relationships? But these words can’t be taken for granted.
 Recently in a discussion when one of my class friends said, it depends on the user. (Though, the statement was for some other topic) but if given a thought how aptly it fits in here too. The more judiciously you use it, its longevity increases.  

Love and care if invested more faithfully the expiry extends to life long.
Relationships are like garden where one experiences different florescent colorful moments. And to maintain those flowery garden one has to nurture it with full enthusiasm. Obviously there are sulking and pissing moments too but if one cant manage to solve those moments then person don’t even deserve those flowery moments. Sucking moments are as important as great moments of ones relationship.

I know it’s easy to write or imagine or say, things are more practical and realistic in life and there are some relationships which don’t even work with a lot of efforts. Then one should not dishearten for long time. A person can take it as a life experience of celebrating some great moments of life with some one who was ones his/her companion. 
But dedication and whole hearted faith always wins.:):)

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