Saturday, March 26, 2011

I express..

Sometimes It becomes so difficult to express what you like or dislike or what have hurt you or what made you happy.

Similarly it happens with me,

I can't express what I really want to. World sees me as an expressive person,I am. But not where I have to display some crude emotions.
My expression is limited and world mistakes me with what I am not good with.

At times it becomes difficult when you have to convey some great feelings of happiness to your close friends and you end up with smiles and smiles and minimum words and can be caught wrong of not being very happy for your friend. There things get screwed.

When I am angry with my friends or mellow because of something, there it becomes necessity to communicate and sought out the issues for smooth relationships and I myself  have always believed in keeping things simple but my inner self which is so close in itself that I can't express my thoughts thoroughly on that particular time which can be a drawback for my relationships with people

On the same time I feel that not responding or expressing what behaviour of the other person have affected me, it avoids further arguments or discords, (which I don't like at all..)

All this closeness inside me never lead to any grudges against people though.

I forgive and move on.. But at times when I am deeply hurt then it remains in my head, But, minus grudges..

In fact expressing happiness and love is more easier for me in comparison to hurt and anger...

At the end..things work it their own ways..Some are suppressed and forgotten and some lays fresh and are cleared with efforts from the other party..(not always)

And in some I take time to convey what I feel...
Such is life dearies..:):)


Anonymous said...

thats not matter that u cant express urself the same happens with me too.sometimes we feel it difficult to express what we feel deep inside.. but dont worry keep smiling.. and spread smiles then see how people will start loving u.ok take care.

Sanghi said...


rainboy said...

i never forget ,i always get a payback. Give me peace :D

and remember Nothing bad can be done to you without your own consent.