Sunday, December 4, 2011

I think too much :D!

We all primarily think to be monetarily independent.

You ask a question why you want to work and they say because we want to be monetarily independent.
But the questions arises that is being monetarily independent more important than being emotionally independent?
  Or it’s like; First money comes then emotions?

Or we never think about our emotional needs when we should.

What I have learned, a person has to be emotionally dependent first. If you can handle your emotions well nobody can slide you down.

If you are dependent too much on somebody you are in danger of hurting yourself and if that person doesn’t respect or understand this fact that he/she is the person whom we chose to be dependent on out of those 1000 people because of trust and love we have on them then it’s upsetting too.

But such is life dearies..

Some are lucky; some are about to be lucky; some wants to be lucky !  :)


RushingQuark said...

I like the last line......:) Awesome it is and Brilliant you are :)

Aakash Kokz said...

Inspirational post. Loved it. We should never depend on others for our happiness cuz if they walk away, they take away all the happiness from our life and all we are left with is pain. Wonderful post once again. Especially the last line is the best of all -
"Some are lucky; some are about to be lucky; some want to be lucky".

Nidz said...

I never thought about that. When someone ask y we wanna earn money, we say to be financially independent but actually before this comes emotionally independent. Great say.

Rakesh Kumar said...

First time on your blog.
I liked your nice presentation.
Hope to see you on 11th meet.

Pl. find time to visit my blog.