Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Move on!!

In our life course we meet many people
Good, Bad..
But What
We all crave most is
for Life long friends..

We search them, We find some,
We experience bundle of Emotions..
Some positive, Some negative
Positives takes us high
Negatives leads us under

With a moral to remember: 

We are born alone,
We have fought our own life battles,
We'll die alone.
Why to get emotionally attach then,
When Negatives takes us so Deep down!!


Sanghi said...

m0ve on... \m/

GigsInTown said...

if we can to our family ,god, ourself

and all these positive for us

its just a matter choosing rite friends

benefits of attachment can only be understand after detachment

Arv said...

walk on :)

Vintage Obsession said...

Well said, we normally tend to overlook the good and keep only the negative in mind .

Vintage Obsession

rainboy said...

Just try to be self-sufficient.
It will save you from lot of betrayals.

pRasad said...

Loved this blog !

Nice poems & pics too :).. Gives nice experience while reading cause of pics. :

anupama said...

Dear Gauri,
Good Evening!
How'z Delhi?
Keep space even with the best friend.Be within the limits!
Turn to God when you feel low;and to your family.Nature always consoles.
Don't expect muc orelse you may have to shed more tears!
Wishing you a lovely day ahead,

Rajat said...

whatever happens a man should be capable enough to fight his own battles..
I like every word of it.