Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Sometimes its so harder to collect your thoughts and scribble things. From so many days I am thinking of updating my blog and I am unable to write anything which clearly indicates my impediment of not collecting my thoughts on paper.
So Now here I am trying penning down what all is going inside me and around me!!

My certificte course got finished and now I am totally Velle!! Nothing to do concrete!! But planning to engross myself in some paniting, skecthing and those all leisure activites which once I got invloved in childhood.

Attended a lot of parties and sunndenly I realise that I dont enjoy such parties. :)

Met a friend, went to Chandni Chown and Red Fort. It was fun! Dont Even remeber when last time I visited these places!!:-)

Met my favorite teacher with one of my friend's(Her's too). We all had great fun!! Sir painted a glass bottle and give it to us as a Gift!! Yuhoooooo !!!!!!! :-):-)

Also got pissed off on one of my friend's making fuss of such a small thing!!! :x-(

My Bruno is also Unwell :(

The exciting part is tomorrow is my Ma's birthday!!!:-):-)
That finishes my Updates!!


Creativity!! said...

Dear, Convey My Birthday Regards To Aunt :) :)

Who's Bruno ??

Sayani said...

sometimes so many things consumate our thinking process that words simply denies it existence...
i faces it so many times...
but thats great to see a natural flowing post ...

keep writing

Anonymous said...

I do like ur article~!!! ........................................

Gauri Mathur said...

@ Creativity!!
Thanks ! Bruno is My dog!!:)


Thank you.
Finally I can understand what you wanted to say.