Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I was browsing through my songs folder and I came across this Limca song. And I realized it's such a chirpy song. Its So Sweet!! It's also picturised with water. Water which is associated with great fun and enjoyment!! :-)

 Lyrics Goes Like This:

Fuhaarein Boocharein nazeren chura lo na,
Kuch boondei Chura Lo na,
Thaki si Zindage se, Jhuki si Zindage se, Kuch lamhe chura Lo na

Kuch Yaadein aur Sapne, apne chura lo na,
Ruki se zindage se, jhuki se Zindage se, Raftraein Chura Lo na

Lukka Chupii Khelti hai bheed mei hazaroon Kaliyan.. hazaroon Kaliyan
Galiyon mei yun Bheed banke chup gaye hai saari Khushiyan.. Saari saari Khushiyan..
Khushyun ko bula lo na,
Muskane Chura lo na..

Sulgate pyas hai tho, machalti pyas hai tho, Ek Limca Chura Lo na
Kuch yaadei aur Sapne
Apne chura lo na 
Ruki se Zindage se, Thaki se Zindage se, Raftarein chura lo na..

La la la la la la la!!:-):-)

We got our first rains yesterday. In fact it was more of Ollleee!! La La La!!:-):-)


GurNeet said...

Amazing track, beautiful voice...and the lovely rain !
there's some fun and naughtiness associated with this song.I used to sing it whole day.It got lost somewhere...thanks for reminding !

freelancer said...

this one was an amazing ad....can u provide the link pls???

Anonymous said...

Haste makes waste.......................................................

rainboy said...

It's a lovely song :D
Got so addicted that I downloaded it from you tube ;D

takes you to a carefree place

take care

Lincoln said...

it is my ring tone since 2 years :)