Saturday, April 24, 2010

Take it Easy!

"Life is Easy If we understand more and Judge Less"!


Chocolate Lover said...

true! x)

Angels Never Lie said...

true but not always practical

Sanghi said...

understanding, for the wins... ^_^

GigsInTown said...

i cant

impuregod said...

yup.... understandin is always is required...

Gauri Mathur said...

Hey Chocolate Lover
How you doing? Long Time..

Hey Angels Never Lie

Life is not always practical..:)
Keep visitng :)

Hey Sanghi

Hey Gigsintown
Try to be..sometimes atleast
(I hope you know this post is not related to you in any context)

Hey ImpureGod!
Keep visitng:)

rainboy said...

BTw... just rolled ya. Hope that is fine ?

take care

rainboy said...

I understand !!

Booklover said...


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Sourav C. Pandey said...

We should live in present .. I liked the message you conveyed :)

Sourav :)

RepublicOfChic said...

Life is easy on Mushrooms? ;)

Loved snooping around here :)

Vintage Obsession said...

couldn't agree more with the judging part :) well said :) nice blog BTW

raj kath said...

life is never not practical, and even if you feel so sum day it wud realise you that its not, very soon,,,,