Friday, November 22, 2013

Breezer – Cranberry

Breezer is one of the finest drink I have ever had in category of less alcohol content! In fact it has become my favourite now!
I first had it at my friend’s birthday party. At that time I knew little about Breezers . My friend asked me what flavour you would like to drink. She gave me some options and with lot of scepticism I said Cranberry. As Cranberry is one of my favourite fruit so I thought drink would be great too and it was indeed!

It was my first time that day when I drink it and I really liked it. Taste was relaxing reminded me of my childhood days when I and my brother used to sit together and have those Cranberries in a sunny day under the shade of the tree. That fruity smell, that taste all took me to my childhood days.

In fact when I have to choose the team I was so confused which team should I opt for Jamaican or Cranberry because I like Jamaican too, but the at the end of the day Cranberry wins. It works as a stress buster, after a long tiring day, lying on the sofa , watching TV, taking those slow sips, it just rewinds you. Aha! What more you can ask after a stressful day! A good drink to end a day!
That taste just keeps it going!! And makes it my favourite.!!

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No no no Jamiacan passion is best ;) :D

haha, good post! good luck...

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