Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Quest

Numb is my heart
Confused is my mind
Life is back to square one
And the question is to Divine
Why always me??
If you hate me so much!
Let's sit and discuss together

I know I am powerless,
And it's all you
But If I am here
It is also, because of you

You have given us the power to Love
To have faith
To have patience
To pray
To Believe
Then why they are not heard?

You are the supreme power
I believed in your miracles
Where are they?
Everybody say whatever happens, happens for a good reason
If that's the case then why it all started in the first place
Or you want some human importance

When heart is in denial
What to do?
who all to be blamed ; Oneself, Time,  People,  Or You(God)

A quest is within
Where is your justice?
Why I feel defeated and depleted?
What is my fault?

If Time was wrong, You were the supreme power to make it right
If minds were confused, you should have made it easy
I know, all this wasn't planned
Why you got me in all this
I don't deserve all this

I just believed .. 
I just prayed..
I just trusted..
I just loved..
A story unfinished....


tamanna said...

Awesome! :)
Also, they say, that the darkest hour is the one just before sunrise.
I hope you bathe in beautiful sunshine soon :)

Gauri Mathur said...