Tuesday, May 12, 2009

IPL Flashback!:D

Yup, I know talking about IPL now is too late. But Can't stop myself too. 2-3 Days back I was talking to R.G.(Haan haan apna Blogger Rushabh) about IPL only and suddenly my last year IPL memories just popped out. And that experience was a very pleasant experience.

As it's such sad part that IPL this time held in South Africa and we most of us lost the chance of viewing matches there. But previous year it was in India only and that time I watched Delhi Dare Devil's match with Chennai Super kings(I guess) in Ferosha kotla and it was too terrifying+ It was too Fun+ surprises, filled with all enthusiasm and all sportsman spirits and obviously spectator spirits.

Yeah now you people must be thinking what surprises, so the big surprise to me was that I was on television thircEEEEEE that day and I was like...What?? I didn't know when the camera rolled towards me, what all happened, I came to know about, When My friends started calling me and asking,,Gauri Tu match dekhne gaye hai..like that and I said yes and then they told me that I am on Television. That was my first time to any Live match and I was soooooo overwhelmed that, I was not able to express it.
It was totally out of the world and too cool. I know this may sound little exaggeration but can't help it , that time It was just awesome.

I still remember the last overs, We got some rain there and ever body just started rushing. But after all this last over like any other exciting match was amazing,its was just too good!

Ya, there was one sad part also at the time of going out there was a stampede, everybody was rushing and pushing so badly. Many people got hurt there, Thankfully we all were safely out.
But at the end of the day,the day, was filled with fun,happiness and and a lifetime memory.!


sawan said...

me first me first :)

sawan said...

yeyy, gauri was on TV!!!!!!!! talk about celebrity :)

arrey, finals dekhne chale?? :P

Hopeless Romantic said...
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Rushabhh Gandhi said...

All the comments coming below me...

Can you guys believe I was listening this audibly at 2 am.......??
Phew.... ;)

lolls :D
You know I'm kiddin isnt it?


kim said...

Great experience yaar.... I cnt forget you know we saw matches standing in CP in front of India today with bihari's n all... :)

Pallav said...

i dont follow..
i dont hv interest :(


Arv said...

Sports have such an effect on us... especially if the current season sucks... reminds me of those old glory days of F1 compared to this season :)

take care mate... cheers...

BrownPhantom said...

Watchin live is a totally different experience. I witnessed a tie match between India & Zimbabwe long back. Went there with weird hats; still cudn't catch the camera's attention :(.
It must have been thrilling to know that friends saw u on the tv. Did u watch the highlights later on :).

Gauri Mathur said...

@ Anil Sawan bhaiyaaa:)

Yup you are first:):)
Hana chalo visa and tickets arrange karo chalte hai:D:D

@Hopless romantic

Three comments above you:D:D

And mana ki ph par mei tera deemag kha rehe the par iska matlab yeh nahi ki tu ab aise bolega..:(

@Hey Kim
Oyee thas I guess more of fun;)
Tas cool:)

You dont follow cricket:(

Absolutely right!:)

@Brown Phantom
Yup..It was..:-)
They were the best moments I capture in my memory:)

Toonfactory said...

Wah wah...Great hai...though I don't like Cricket and havent seen a single match in my life :)

Kartz said...

Hmmm, repeat telecast hoga to batana. :P

And heh heh heh, @Sawan is sponsoring us tickets to South Africa? :D Thanks bro'..!


उन्मुक्त said...

लगता है परिक्षायें समाप्त हो गयी हैं तभी आईपीएल की बात हो रही है।

Dewdrop said...

Congrats Ms. celeb!

Chronicwriter said...

and fake ipl player rocks this years ipl.. chriz