Sunday, February 1, 2009

Love-A Peace of Mind.

Love an amazing feeling of fullfillement,
a feeling of all desires come to an end.
It refreshes the soul,gives new hopes to live in,

We start knitting dreams again with all the different pastel colours,
green,orange every bright colour we can think of..
Old leaves sheds down, bright shiny light comes out,
New bond builds up,clouds of misunderstanding wipes off.
A new beginning steps in,,.

Its like rebirth of ones own soul,worries are buried,peace comes in,
Life seems as rainbow with silver linning all over it.

No matter Its conveyed or not, but a feeling in itself takes us from one world to another of purity..
A world of dreams ,a world of contentment, a world of innocent fanatasies,

A glory is there,our face blossoms like a cheery flower,a believe comes in..
World seems the most beautiful gift we can ever get from Divine..
We Sing ,We Dance,We mutter all the time,
it just instill us with all the joys of life.
We lose control,we hop,we pop,we hip and hop, we talk all the time,
it just revives all senses,
What a soothing sensation it is.

A Love,A Love, what a miracle it is,What a Blessing it is.



Anonymous said...

wah ji, somebody seems to be in love and penning poems and scriptures of love :)

Richa said...

bataao bataao..??

Kartz said...

Facebook was correct after all... :P :P :P

Gauri Mathur said...

@Sam..yar aisa kuch nie haii..buss just gave it a shot:D

nthn like that,,:)

jayaram said...

True, U said it all. Life is like that. Never underestimate or more. Give and don't count the cost. U will be surely rewarded.

Matangi Mawley said...

beautiful writing!!!!