Monday, September 24, 2012


I was talking with one of the colleague in the office and what I got to know was that her 6 year old son is suffering from epilepsy. I got upset and its obvious for any person to get upset after hearing this.

Epilepsy which has become common these days but people are still insensitive towards it or they don't understand what it is actually about? And holds a very unrealistic notion about it.

Epilepsy fit is something which can happen anytime to a person and neither it is something which can't be cured. People suffering from it really don't have command over it at the time of fit. And people suffering with it and on proper medication are as normal as any other person performing similar activities with equal attention.

The other day someone was telling me that he has to leave his job because he is suffering from Epilepsy and company just don't want to keep someone who is suffering from this ailment. Though I was surprised but I was more thinking about that what was the fault of that epileptic fit patient.. He doesn't know when he'll get a fit or so.. should he deserve to be thrown out of the job on this reason ?? And that too when getting a job in today's time is so difficult..

We live in such a prejudice world ...

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