Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Dream.

Some days back in my dreams I saw something pleasantly strange. I saw a sentence which was" Self is the Orbit". In my dreams only I typically mugged this sentence so when I wake up I should spend some time on this perspective also.

I woke up next morning, shared it with my friend and then also we couldn't reach to any conclusion and we haven't still, except the basic thought which can be make it out from these words, that your self is the orbit of every small or may be minuscule emotions, desires, fears,etc which can be seen in this big fat world.
We carry all this consciously or subconsciously but we are the assembly of all this

It may be confusing for my readers to understand what I scribbled just some lines back,because my state of understanding for this itself is blurred..

My restlessness to this particular quest is increasing, may be I am thinking allot but, I am still searching the meaning of it to the best possible means I can.
Why these lines came to me? What it indicated??
All such questions are still unanswered within me and I am still lost in this quest...


Sanghi said...

'Self is the Orbit' can also mean that you are much bigger than your body... there is more of you in every aspect... you are the drive... :)

Creativity!! said...

Mujhe bhi Samaj mein nahi aaya....

Arv said...

to talk on the same lines... an orbit doesnt get created with one revolution... wait till a few rounds and the answers will come to you :)

take care mate...


Smita Tewari said...

it means that you have found ur ''still- centre'', Gauri!
Do drop by my other blog:
and post a comment on ' Dance ' thanks!

Aragorn said...

Wow... Such a highly philosophic idea appearing in a dream... Tat too mugged up in dream itself...Definitely a sign of some great things to happen ;P

On a serious note, your understanding of those words is quite good... Recalling a quote which i saw in a movie very recently, it went on like: "Our dreams are who we are".

Now reflect on it and come up with a good explanation of it ;)