Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Just Like that!

   ( This photograph may not have any relation with the post,just updated because I liked it)

People Damn pee outside the hosipitals! Junk Heads!!
They park their vehicles in no parking zone. Clogged the roads..Uff!!! Argh!
I dont know when they'll start using their brains!!! Uff!!

Exams on head! Statistics is a mess! Thanks to the oldy, who teaches us statistics!! He never used mike, what he speaks, no one understands!!
Chilly and pleasant winters have knocked us with some long walks with friends. It's just so relaxing!

I'll soon start novel! Misisng reading!!! I'll catch up with books soon!! Also looking for long break!!

(Finally blog updated)


Creativity!! said...

Can I Come to your class to teach Stats ? Its my most favorite subject :) :)

nikhil das said...

why only hospitals its every where ... i believe more or less every one has been victim of these idiots but cant blame anyone as we are also the part of that . i just dont know why these idiots start behaving like man when they go outside in india .

Sanghi said...

finally update!!!... phew... :D :D :D

PS: awesome image... :-)

nikhil das said...

best of luck for your exams ...

Neeha said...

All the best for your examz..