Friday, September 3, 2010

Just an Update!



Sanghi said...

a bright update... :-)

yamini meduri said...

sweet flowers
found all around
grew with them
infront of our home
now seen everywhere

These flowers had see us grow
every phase of my life, their family know
be it the sun or rain or the snow
you can find their beautiful glow

blossom all seasons
found glowing for every reason
special flowers these are
known for presence at par

wonderful pic that inspired me write these few lines...i know they are a bit messy..but i wrote what just stuck me seeing the pic..!!!

Creativity!! said...

A Beautiful Life In Such A Tiny Flower :) :)

nikhil das said...

hey nice to see u back

after long time

i just get lift in my job

bit happy at moment

loads of these flower have my old days memories

thanks for putting this

Arv said...

even through a pic that freshness from the flowers flows through...

a tiny update with maximum impact :)

they dont say 'a picture can speak a 1000 words' for nothing :)

take care mate... cheers...