Friday, August 13, 2010

Little of chattar pattar!

"After all you don't want answers for every question in your life! "
(As it's said)

A very Tricky statement! 

You don't want answers because you are afraid to accept the truth out of it
                                                  You don't want Answers

Just because It doesn't matter and you are happy the way things turned to be. You are comfortable with what is been gifted to you! And you are trusting it and happily settled with it.!

Take is ours!


Sanghi said...

somethings in life just don't require an answer... and as life is unpredictable... it doesn't matter... because what happens, happens for g00d... :-)
trusting and settling with it is directly related to how you lead your life... :-)

great quote, anatomized beautifully... ^_^

Life Unleashed said...

I guess the second one goes with me.

nikhil das said...

kuch kuch hi samaj mein aya ..

nikhil das said...

hey i send request on facebook

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...


i am confused now o.o

Creativity!! said...

:) :) Very Well Said Dear :) :)