Saturday, January 30, 2010


Emotionally Depleted is the word which I am using it for this week. It's not one incident, its just series of incidents which is making me feel this way. Week itself didn't start on good note. From the first day only when it got ruined and I knew it there's alot of happenings sliding their way to make this week miserable.And truly it was miserable.
I am Happy this week is getting over.On the same side I have definately found an outlet too,to release my negativites and I have done to some extend and feeling relieved. I am hoping for the fresh and productive next week with some good positive energies and enthusiasm. There is a lot to do and cope up with.
Hoping for the best.
Good Luck to me!
God Bless me!


Moonlight said...

Awh.. I hope you are feeling better now... =]
For me, the last and the coming two weeks will be like hell. =[

But time will fly soon. =]

Creativity!! said...

Areey Sweety, Wish You All The Very Best Success :) :) Bhagawan sab accha karega.....parishaan math hona......Take Care.....Bye :) :)

sawan said...

god bless u swthrt. may u find peace and happiness the coming week!

Sanghi said...

Week was not so good for you it seems, cheer up as coming days could be fun-filed... ^_^

Mayz said...

ah phases...stupid phases...

god bless ya

Mayz said...

ps : have chocolates!!

Margie said...

Hope this week is much better!


Smita Tewari said...

'This too shall pass'
Send me ur e-mail id . I t would be interesting to know u!
Mine is: