Friday, October 9, 2009

10 Random Thoughts!

(The Smallest Good Deed is better than the grandest Good Intention-Duguet)

1)The Day was Dull. I was Kind of 'Bit' Low too. Till now there is nothing productive I did. It is making me feel very bad :(

2)I Like real people. My tolerance is low with people who fake it out and think that they have succeeded in their act.

3)CAT is approaching. I am trying solving two papers a day and still feeling something is lacking. I
don't know what? Suddenly I am feeling the pressure of CAT on my head.

4)I don't feel like talking to anybody. (It has no connection with me being sad or whatever, its just I dont feel like.)

5) Recently I bought a new Black color bag. I want to buy more bags. Lets see when I am gonna buy them.:D:D

6)I don't understand sometimes the
funda of being sarcastic unreasonably. I have still not understood. I sometimes wonder, Is this a way of making feel oneself superior and the other one inferior? Or they are brought up in a sarcastic environment, it becomes their routine exercise?? Or they are always in a Bad mood and get rid of their agitation by being sarcastic and hurting others ??

Insensitivity and materialism both have grown so widely these days. It sometimes make me think(I know I am thinking a lot:D:D, Its out my control:) ), Is this the world we are growing up? What will happen after 10 years? How can people be so insensitive and materialistic?? How can they lose their relationships Like this??

Poorva came for dinner.:-):-)

9)I am feeling sleepy now.

10)But this will not help, I have to go back to my Books!!!


Creativity!! said...

:(( Dear, These Happen To Me As Well :) Infact, These r certain, situation which arise much frequently, when we dont get tym to rest & relax :)

Take Care Dear :) :) All The Very Best Success For CAT :) :)

You Will Surely Succeed :) :) I Am Damn Sure :) Will Surely Pray For Your Success :) :)


Sanghi said...

something just like this is happening to me right now...:||:|
But be glad that at-least you are able to try... and working for your goals!!!
things will certainly get better that's for sure... so worrying over it won't help in anyway!!!
As for me i am sort of in a condition of destitute, dependent and unable to do stuff...:||:|

Shankar said...

hey..take care and all the best for your CAT....

aqua gurl said...

i see a lot of similarities with this post...!! this background on ur blog...!

yeah just been held with studies so i barely post....

gluck with ur cat...!