Monday, June 8, 2009

This also Happens sometimes!:)

A very out of the track incident happened today with me. I was coming back from CP in bus. I was sitting, a girl entered the bus and was standing behind my seat and asking for the ticket from the conductor.
When she was asking for the ticket, I got a feeling that I know this girl but here the interesting thing was that till that time I couldn't see her face.(Before seeing her face I got this feeling). It was just a feeling, and me so lazy that after getting this feeling also I didn't see her face. Then after some minutes, I looked little back and and then got a glimpse of her and I realised that I don't know her.

Now comes the interesting part, actually totally interesting, never expected this.
That girl was staring me, but I didn't notice that. And after a While that

Girl (asks): Do you live at PPG
I: ( very Shockingly) Yes. And got suddenly quiet for sometimes. Then,
I( asked her): Where do U put up?
I thought, If she knows me where I put up then for sure she must be living near by or so. BuT she used to live neither near by nor in my area, far from my place.
I was totally like What?? How can she know me like this???
Then I asked her: Do you know me??
She said: Yup!
I: How???
She: We met at Mandi house????
I: What?? When??

(I still don't know When I met this girl, though I generally don't forget peoples faces)

And after this I was so shockingly shockingly Shocked that, I couldn ask her anything more and I was totally quiet till my stop came.
I was totally like, what the hell is going?? How can she know me, and I don't know her.. Goodness me!!!
The most Cool thing which I was surprised about was my feeling, my inner feeling, I know I am bit good with that but This much good,I never thought.
I was like ,,ohk,,,
It was tooo Cool!!!!!
I mean hats off to my inner feelings!!!!

This incident just took me out of every shock which I m getting these days..

Such is life dearies...


Creativity!! said...

Good Post :) Sometyms, this happens :) Its bit funny and shocking experience :)

Arv said...

They are rare... and such second make up a very dear part of our lives :)

Glad you experienced one too... cheers...

how can i explore ME... said...

ya it happens smtyms,n d feeling is always gud....not cuz dat surprises me but i always get d feeling "hey i m famous..people always ask for me...:P" has happened quite a number of tyms...i talk to so many people in bus,i usually get confused...."yaar isko to dekha dekha sa lagta hai"...:)....last tym it happened wid a girl....
i was such a can i forget such a beautiful


life as they call it...some rare and funny experiences in life...

Sam said...

so finally what do u say ? u know her or u dont know her ?

kim said...

hahaha....... it happens yaar.. specially ppl like u and me with short term memories....

sawan said...

Interesting :) but u shud have talked to tht grl. atlst she recognised u!

Shankar said...

funny experience.... quite usual to everyone...

Gauri Mathur said...

Heya Creativity
Nice to hear from you

Heya Arv!!

Heya How can I explore me!!
How you doing??

Heya Neha!!
Right,rare and funny!!

Hey Sam!!
I stil dont know that girl:D

Heya Kim

Heya Anil bhaiya!!
I think you are right,but nothing striked that time..:)

Heya Shankar!

how can i explore ME... said...

ya m doing f9.......and serching dat girl

सतीश पंचम said...

hey.....nice incidence. मुझे लगता है हम सब के साथ कभी न कभी इस तरह का संयोग होता है। कभी Subconscious तौर पर तो कभी open तौर पर।

first time i came on your blog. Its really cool.

Nice Templt.