Friday, January 23, 2015


When I browse different E-commerce websites for a specific product I want. Let's say, jewelry, I observe:
1) Quality has been compromised
2) Products prices are extremely high

Recently I thought to buy earrings for one of my cousins wedding, I made some selections on one of the site and I was surprised with the price claims they have made on it! Because as a student I always look for something pocket friendly, fits in my budget and I can use the product  again and again. So quality goes hand in hand with price.

But at that time it didn't leave me with a choice and I bought it! And I guess at the time of urgent need we all do the same thing.

Later it made me think how justified it is to spend more money than actually it costs. OK... understandable they are doing  business and everybody in the online market place deserves a profit.

But as a consumer I'll definitely compare, check prices before buying. And will buy from a place which doesn't make a a big hole in my pocket.

 Finally, I have found a place where I can get a pocket friendly jewelry and by keeping the interests of consumers like me I decided to share this place with everybody out there who feels that these days various well established sites have become expensive and there should be an alternative which saves money as well as time.

This online market place is really good for jewelry. Though it's a start up and haven't displayed much stuff, some pieces are sold and some are left but as I said they have really cool and pocket friendly jewelry! :-)

They choose their products carefully by keeping the interests of consumers who look for economical jewelry and have also focused on displaying trendy and stylish jewelry.

I bought two pair of earrings from them within Rs 400! Their services are prompt! They also offer 100% cash back.

(Photos shared of the earrings bought:-) )

Isn't it really cool!!!!!!

In fact they weekly update their stock and I am really looking forward for what they bring up next week!! :-)

If you feel same and want some awesome budget friendly jewelry.

Buy the way they take bulk orders too! :-)

Contact: AURA collections

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